Post Election Thoughts

The days following an election are always an interesting time.

In the United States, we don’t have to (or haven’t had to yet) deal with elected officials who don’t want to leave on their own when they’ve become unelected or when their time is up.

Instead, some of us are on cloud nine and think the country has been saved, while others of us are inconsolable, thinking that life as we know it will never be the same.  Some of us will scratch our heads and marvel at this peaceful exchange of power and some of us will marvel that our country is so split and polarized.

Today, two days out from Donald Trump’s win, I’m excited about several things.  First off, I’m most excited that Hillary Clinton didn’t win.  She will always be viewed by those on the left as an iconic figure, but to me she’ll be remembered for her poor judgment and for the scandals that always seemed to follow in her wake.  Ultimately, though, electing her would have taken this country further to the left and I’m glad we’ve put the pause button on that for a while.

Next, I’m excited that there will be a Republican House and Senate in addition to a “Republican” President.  As one fellow once said, “elections have consequences,” and I’m very hopeful that we see some of those consequences here shortly.  I’m in favor of a repeal or radical change of the Affordable Care Act.  I’m in favor of repealing or radically changing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  I’m in favor of enforcing immigration rules and in favor of protecting our country from the threats arising from an unsecured border.  And, I’m in favor appointing people to the Supreme Court, and other parts of the judicial system, who are conservative.  This list of consequences goes on and on.  I want these, I think they are better for the country and I’m  hopeful they get made.

Will these things happen?  Who knows?  Republican Congressional leadership if often very weak.  The election of Trump also mostly likely caught House Republicans by surprise.  Their mode, overnight, has changed from defense to offense and now we’ll have to see how they are with the ball in their hands.  They haven’t done a whole lot recently to inspire confidence.

Am I excited about our country electing Donald Trump as president?  Well, I’m excited that he’s not Hillary Clinton.  How’s that for a start?  I’m not excited about some of his past behavior.  But he is a leader.  He has been deal making his entire adult life.  We’ll just have to see what type of deal he has for us.


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