Saturday Music: Remember When

Today’s song is Remember When by Alan Jackson.  There’s no special connection to this song for me other than I really like the touching story it tells.

The song tells the lifetime story of two people that meet, fall in love and then spend their lives of highs and lows together — and sometimes apart.  Many of us, I’m sure, can identify with the story because we’ve lived through, or we are anticipating many of the things that happen in the story. Maybe it’s the puppy love part or the getting married part.  Perhaps it’s the memories of love ones dying and then the miracle of new little ones somehow filling in the missing spaces.  Or it could be the memories of the sounds of our young children moving around the house — the same kids that are now all grown up and gone.

Ultimately, through all of the ups and downs, good times and bad, times of being together and sometimes apart, the couple in the song makes it to the finish line.  I like that.  I don’t want Sweet Wife and I to go through all of the things mentioned in this song, but I do want us to finish well together.

“Saturday Music” is a weekly blog series about the music of our lives.  Click here to read all of the posts in this series.


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