Clinton: Blame it on the Men

Guess what, fellas?  It’s your fault.

That’s right, it would take too much character to simply admit to being an inept, totally corrupt politician.  Instead Hillary Clinton is getting the message out that her problems are caused by, you guessed it, men.

Here’s this from Time:

The first woman is just days away from (probably) being elected President of the United States, and so of course her candidacy has been fraught by two guys obsessed with their own penises, including one whose last name is literally Weiner. If there’s one lesson to draw from this historic election, it’s that even women a hair away from the most powerful position in the world can still see themselves quickly derailed by badly behaved men.

And then this from the New York Times:

Weiner or no Weiner, Hillary Clinton is likely to be our next president.

But she can’t seem to escape insatiable men.

She married one — for better, for “bimbo eruptions,” for two terms in the White House, for impeachment.

She’s in the climactic week of a grotesque battle with another. If she prevails, his boasts of sexual aggression will partly be why.

And if she fails? Again there’s a priapic protagonist. The F.B.I. wouldn’t be examining Anthony Weiner’s laptop if he hadn’t invited so many strangers to examine his lap, and her fate is enmeshed once more with the wanton misdeeds of the weaker sex.

Over so many of her travails hangs a cloud of testosterone.

See any similarities there?  Funny how these coincidences happen in today’s media.

I’ll agree with both of these writers that Clinton is most likely going to be elected, but that’s where the agreement ends.  As said before here, Clinton is either the most incompetent and inept politician ever, or she’s one of the most corrupt.  Scandal and bungling have followed Clinton for as long as she’s been in the public eye.  No, not just Bill Clinton scandals and bungling, but a full dose — for decades — of Hillary Clinton scandals and bungling.  [Or, to be fair, the Clinton’s are some of the most misunderstood and persecuted people of all time.]

Her damaged campaign isn’t limping across the finish line because of Anthony Weiner and James Comey.  And it isn’t limping across the finish line because Donald Trump’s crass behavior resonates with white male voters.  It’s limping across the finish line because people don’t trust her and the latest revelations fall right into line with the pattern of Clinton behavior.

It wasn’t a man’s fault that the Secretary of State of the United States of America set up her own personal email server in a kitchen closet.  (Though she did try to blame one, Colin Powell.)  It wasn’t a man’s fault that she chose to handle classified information of the United States of America in such a flippant manner.

These things are her own fault and of her own doing.

Comey should have continued the investigation of Clinton.  He played the “game” with the Clinton’s and got burned.  Anyone who thinks the upper levels of the FBI are 100% political are insane.  Instead of chasing justice, the Justice Department pursued the political interests of the Democrat party.  Again, anyone who thinks the upper levels of the Justice Department aren’t 100% political is insane.If the recommendations of the front line FBI investigators had been followed and justice was truly sought, a grand jury would been empaneled our legal system would have worked as it is intended.

Clinton will likely get elected and soon after, the investigations will begin.  Heck, she may even get indicted.  Articles like these are the opening act for setting up a public defense of Clinton.  “Darn those men.  If it wasn’t for those morons, we could really get some stuff done.”

But things could have been different.

When she first got wind of her philandering husband, she could have kicked him to the curb.  Instead, she sold herself out to a politician for the sake of their combined personal ambitions.  If she’s so super-smart and aggressive, why didn’t she punt Bill and pursue her dreams on her own?

Some may say, “well, oh, she is so committed to her marriage!”  Well, good for her.  Lot’s of folks work through marital infidelity issues and good for them.  That’s an extremely tough path to follow.  But in the process, as woman after woman has come out — and some with sexual assault allegations — she appears to have become an enabler and a protector of someone who has deep issues.  And in the process she appears to have sold herself out to her own supposed “core ideals” by the way she’s treated those women who have come forward.

Democrats tend to support their no matter what (like Republicans also do) and tend to overlook inappropriate behavior to further their own political purposes.  As they say, “the ends justifies the means.”  And I guess if the prize is the presidency of the United States, the “means” ratchets up a bit.

For this country to survive and succeed, we will need people of character to step up and lead.  And, as they say, character isn’t something we say, it’s what we do when no one is looking.  Politics will never end, no matter the nation, but at some point, the political parties have to put forward better candidates and we, the voters, must elect better people.  Hillary Clinton could have been one of those candidates.  She’s not with my party, but who knows?  Had she stood up with conviction along her journey, she could have been the transformational leader that our needs so much right now.  She’ll likely get to the top spot anyway, but the results won’t be nearly the same.


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