Friday Night Post

Today’s post — a Friday post — is normally about a picture, but not today.  I had good intentions, but things went off-kilter pretty quickly.

The day started early and I was at the gym by five, but I carried along along a sinus headache and didn’t lose it until around lunch.  I met a friend at a local Panera for coffee and planned to upload a picture and jot a few things while I waited, but had trouble uploading a photo to WordPress.

I swung by the office for a few minutes before heading up to Guntersville for a noon meeting.  The drive up was nice and I was able to listen to a James MacDonald podcast and that definitely helped the trip.  I arrived about an hour early and was hoping to write something during that lull, but the time was filled with a visit to a business and with telephone calls.

Just before noon, I swung by J.J.’s Hamburgers to grab a couple of orders of burgers and fries and then headed off to the meeting.  The meeting went well — aided of course by the tasty burgers — and lasted about two hours and then I was back in the car headed back to Birmingham.

The ride home was filled with a couple of sports podcasts and more telephone calls, and I was back in town by around four.  I planned to hit the dusty trail for a jog, but wound up talking on the phone while the phone should have been charging, so the jog was delayed about an hour.

The jog was cut short by some unforeseen issues and after I returned I grabbed a bowl or two of cereal and kissed the wife and kids goodbye as they headed out to the homecoming football game.

So now here I sit.  The house is quiet.  Nothing is making a sound except for the clanking of the keyboard.  I already miss Sweet Wife and the kids and can’t wait until they return.

Well, that’s it.  That was my Friday.  It didn’t include a photo of anything interesting, but Lord willing, there’s always next week.


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