Aleppo Update

Regardless of what we may think about the United State’s foreign policy in the Middle East, the Syrian city of Aleppo needs our prayers:

Much of the city of Aleppo lies in ruins after days of airstrikes by Russian and Assad regime forces, and buried in the wreckage is whatever is left of the Obama Administration’s Syria policy. If it’s any consolation to the 275,000 souls trapped in the city, John Kerry has regrets.

Syria has been torn by a civil war since 2012, though the unrest started earlier than that.  Aleppo has been hit the hardest during this war.  The people that are left in Aleppo are suffering because they are without everything.

I don’t know much about this conflict.  I don’t know who to be for or against.  But I do know that the United States is either unwilling or unable to either create some sort of stability in the area or to provide some sort of relieve to the distressed people of this region.  That, my friends, is sad.

I get that we want no more war.  I understand that we don’t want our sons and daughters fighting the battles of others on battlefields where victory is hard to find and the cost is high.  But sticking our heads in the sand is no policy worth following.  This is an area where America should be leading.  Sadly, we aren’t.


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