Education Week

For CPA’s in Alabama, there’s an annual requirement of 40 hours of continuing education and those training hours must be completed by September 30th of each year.  This year, I stumbled around and only completed one course before this week, so I’m spending most of this week in a class room.

There are all sorts of ways to get what we call CPE.  You can do self-study courses, you can attend webinars, go to meetings, or as I tend to do each year, pay for and attend classes sponsored by our state society of CPAs.  On average I wind up spending about $1,250 a year on these things and, of course, a week’s worth of time.  Over the course of my 26 year career, I spent at least 1,040 hours in classes and during my 16 years of basically being self-employed, I’ve spent roughly $20,000.

Ouch times two.

However, I guess the main question is whether or not my education is being furthered.  I think the answer to that is definitely yes, because I do learn some things, but I’m not sure I’ve learned $20,000 worth.


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