26 Years and Rolling

Twenty-six years ago today I pulled on my suit, tied up my tie, laced up my wing tips and headed off for my first day at work as a professional.

Way back then, September 7th was on a Friday.  It was a little unusual — at least in my opinion — to start a job on a Friday, but that’s when they told me to show up so I did.  As it turns out, they had hired people before, so they had a plan.  Friday was used as a “fill-out-forms-and-find-out-where-the-bathroom-is” kind of day and we reported for two weeks of “official training” the following Monday.

All of these years later it’s still hard to believe it’s all of these years later.  They have flown by.  I can still remember the anxiety and nervousness of showing up on the 16th floor of that skyscraper in Birmingham, yet here I sit now all haggard and grayed.

Life could have hardly been better to me, though.  A couple of years after I began working, I met Sweet Wife.  We’ve been blessed to have three children and the Lord has taken care of us all through all of these years.

I can’t help but wonder what the next 26 will be like.  Will I be alive in 26 years?  Will I be somewhere in 26 years rattling on about how I started work 52 years ago on this day?  By that time, Lord willing and if He tarries, my children will be deep into their adult lives and they’ll hopefully have families.  What will the world be like and what all will we have seen? The Lord only knows, of course.


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