It’s Back

There are several days each year that I look forward to more than others.  Today is one of them.  College football is back.

Yeah, yeah.  I know there have been some games already like some game Cal played in Australia.  But today is the real thing.  By my count, there are at least 16 games kicking off tonight, including openers for SEC teams South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

The most important game of any on this opening weekend is, of course, Alabama’s contest against Southern California in Texas.  When we last saw the Tide, they were outlasting Clemson 45-40 in the national championship game on their way to their 16th national championship.

Is this the year for number 17?  Some folks think so as many of polls have the Tide ranked first to start the season.  In my opinion they are sort of a default pick.  They are the defending champions, they always seem to play well, and they’re as good on paper as any of the other tops teams, so they sort of slide into the top pick.

My pick?  Well, though I would love for the Tide to win it all again, I’d have to guess the winner will be Clemson.  They have arguably the best player in Deshaun Watson and they have a chip on their shoulder after losing to Alabama last year.  At this point, the Tide has too many question marks up the middle — center, quarterback and tailback — to think they can repeat.

It’s here.  The games are back.  January will be here before we know it.


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