Saturday Music: God Have Mercy

I am posting this song today in honor of Sweet Wife.  She sent me a link to this song a little over a week ago and it came to mind when it was time to put up today’s music piece.

The song is “God Have Mercy,” from the David Crowder Band and comes from the band’s sixth and final studio album, Give Us Rest, which was released in 2012.  I know most of this because I looked it up on Wikipedia.  The band broke up and parted ways following this album.  I also know this because I found it on Wikipedia.

I probably should know more about this band.  They were a Christian band, they were quite good, if not a bit eccentric, and I also saw them in concert when they were touring for the Remedy album.

Though Sweet Wife really loves them, they’ve always been sort of _________ for me.  There’s a blank there because I don’t really know what to say.  It’s cool, especially in Christian circles to love the David Crowder Band, but maybe it’s the voice, maybe it’s the techno sound…I don’t know I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m not in sync just yet with the DCB.

But maybe it’s time to change that.  I’m sort of thinking that, especially after reading this review of the Give Us Rest album posted on Wikipedia:

Zach of Alpha Omega News graded the album an (A+), and wrote that “Overall, what David Crowder and his band have created here is a fantastic collection of worshipful anthems, each able to stand up on its own, while each having a similarity to the other that never fails to share the love of God with the listener. It is a concept album in a way, if you pay attention to its lengthy subtitle and how many of the songs celebrate the life and death of Jesus. Even if the band was never quite your cup of tea in the past, I advise you not to pass up on this album. Not only is it a masterpiece in Christian music alone, but also sure to be the year’s very best.” Jeremy Dunn of Gospel Music Channel wrote that the album is “the band’s most extensive body of music to date”, in which “the listener is taken through the poetic patterns of this time-honored liturgical funeral mass, not for the sole purpose of mourning but also to celebrate what has passed.”

I think I’ll load it up and give it a listen this week.

“Saturday Music” is a weekly blog series about the music of our lives.  Click here to read all of the posts in this series.


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