Blogging Update

The plan for the year was to blog every day.  So far, thank the Lord, that has happened.  They haven’t all been quality posts, that’s for sure, but…life happens.  Back in January I laid out a plan for posting:

  • Posting something everyday provides a challenge to write;
  • Posting something everyday provides an opportunity to discipline myself (and hopefully that will encourage me in other areas);
  • My life tends to go up and down and during the swells, I tend to cast stuff off. Hopefully, a commitment to posting every day will help me through some of the rough spots to keep doing normal stuff; and
  • I kind of enjoy it.

Those things still apply.  Sitting down to write usually provides some sort of benefit, even if the benefit is just sitting down for a while and thinking about something else besides life.  And lots of times, sitting down to write about something allows for me to remember some of the good things about life…Sweet Wife, the kids, the gospel…you get the picture.  Sometimes whatever comes out of hitting the keys is actually a prayer.  That’s good too.

As the year got started, I’ve tried to build several series of posts:

As the year has rolled along and gotten more harried and hectic, I haven’t been so regular with these, but in general, these posting by these topics allows for some structure and guides my thoughts when otherwise nothing would come out.  I’ve been especially tardy with the Colossians and Hebrews posts, but hopefully these can get back on track in the weeks ahead.

I don’t always operate well during the swells of lives waves and normally shuck everything when in the midst of storms.  So far during the swells of 2016, I’ve continued to post during these storms.  That’s a good thing too.

Thanks for reading.



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