Summer is Over

Today marks the first day back to school for our youngest child, so I guess that means Summer 2016 is officially over.

I think our family would agree that it has been a good summer.  We had a nice family trip to the lake in late May, I took a solo business trip to North Carolina in June, the family spent the Fourth of July at the lake again, we took a trip to Arkansas to see our oldest child who worked at a camp up there and then we finished the summer with a trip to Disney World in Florida.  The middle daughter had a drama camp earlier in June and she and her younger sister both did another drama camp in July.  And all of that was done with my work going as crazy as it has in at least 10 years.  I’m tired just writing all of that!

Regardless of how much we did, though, I think our family would all agree that it has been a good summer.  We missed our oldest child — a lot — who was working at camp, but she got to have a great experience and we got to see her grow up a little (even if we were a couple of states away).  Plus, we got to communicate with her in different ways that probably helped to appreciate her a little more than we normally think we do.  Sweet Wife managed to get and keep the younger two into a fairly good summer routine and I think that helped everyone out a lot.

In some ways, it’s good to see the kids get back into the routine of school, but in others this is a dreadful time for me.  These summers are getting shorter and the school years are flying by.  One kid is already in college, another is queued up in a couple of years and the youngest is growing up way too fast.  I know in a couple of weeks the routine will reign and we’ll go with the flow of another fast-paced year.  But right now, I’m kind of sad to see them go.



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