Friday Picture: Animal Kingdom

Time flies. 

Just one week ago we were packing up at Disney World and making the trek back home. That seems like a long time ago. 

One week later, we’ve all moved well passed vacation and on toward the next stuff: work, more work and the kids getting ready to go back to school. 

Old folks like me complain and remind everyone about how school used to start much later, but it’s now become mostly routine. The kids are probably anxious to see old friends and get back into their routines and Sweet Wife and I have our routines and upcoming projects that we look toward as well. The downside is that time is flying by. Our kids are edging closer and closer to flying the coup and they are growing up much too quickly. 

The lesson here — among many I suppose — is to stay in the moment and enjoy each part, however small or big. There’s no time for petty stuff or silly arguments. There’s no time for selfishness. There’s no time for foolishness. Time is passing too quickly for any of that. 


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