Sweet Wife: A Good Thing

He who finds a wife finds a good thing
and obtains favor from the LORD.  (Proverbs 18:22 ESV)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a good wife.  I know this also and can scream this Proverb from the rooftops.  I know I have found a good thing and I know that I have been shown favor from the LORD.

I do have to split hairs here a bit, though.  You see, I know that I can only say that I “found” her in the same sense that one says he “found Jesus.”  The reality here is that God placed her into my life.  God brought her to me and brought us together and that’s all there is to it.  I believe, in fact, that Sweet Wife’s appearance in my life is one of the things that led me to the Lord and was used by God to help me understand the gospel.

I heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ a lot as I was growing up in rural Alabama.  We were blessed to have the general message of Jesus Christ available in our culture, and specifically we had people regularly come to our school to present the gospel.  So much, in fact, that I would guess that I regularly accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior once or twice per year.  (Some of you will get that joke.)  I heard the gospel regularly, but I didn’t understand this wonderful message.

I left high school believing there was a God — a holy and perfect God — and I knew that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins, but I didn’t understand how to come into a relationship as one of His children.  I definitely agreed that I was a sinner, but my incorrect assumption was that I needed to stop sinning before I would be able to consummate this relationship with God.  I thought for years that I was the one who had to do all or most of the work.  As a result, I mostly viewed God as an arbitrary, strict and somewhat angry God.  I felt that He was full of wrath and that this wrath was rightfully directed at me.

But though I knew that God was righteous and holy, knew that I was a sinner and knew the importance of not sinning, as I got older, my sins grew worse and my sinful activities increased.  As a consequence my guilt grew stronger and my view of God grew dimmer as I expected His wrath.  And then Sweet Wife showed up.

Meeting her was a life changer.  First of all, she was stunningly beautiful.  She was the image of elegance and class.  Second, she listened and talked to me like no one else ever had.  From my view, it was love at first site and from our first date onward she became my life.  I could not get enough of her and wanted to spend every waking moment with her (and still do).  As I like to tell her, we were effectively married from our first date.  Our hearts were molded together and life changed.

At some point, though, I did stop to ponder what was happening to me.  Here I was a nasty sinner circling the toilet bowl and yet somehow this wonderful good thing had come into my life.  How could such a nice thing happen to me?  I’m not sure I understood things with 100 per cent clarity at the time, but I know now this was the ice of my heart melting toward the gospel.  I know that in my case, God used Sweet Wife to show Himself to me as a good God and a loving God.  Yes, God is full of wrath at sin and He is a righteous and holy God, but He is also love.  Sometimes we just need a little gift to help us understand this love and to begin to understand the ultimate Gift, Jesus Christ, that was given for us.

I can truly say that I have experienced finding a “good thing” when I “found” a wife and I know that I have obtained favor from the LORD.

Amen and amen.



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