House Divided

I don’t read a lot of Pat Buchanan, but I saw this article recently and I think he makes some interesting points.  Regardless of your political affiliation, you probably think this country has some work to do.  And for America to do great work, we must pull together to meet whatever the challenge may be.  We were victorious in such challenges as World War II because we came together and met the challenge.  The opposite happened in Viet Nam.

He concludes by saying:

Barack Obama believes the more diverse a country we become – religiously, racially, ethnically, culturally, linguistically – the greater, better and stronger a nation we become. And with his immigration policies, he has put us, perhaps irretrievably, on that road.

Yet, outside that Wells Fargo Center, where such sentiments seem to enrapture Democratic delegates, Europe, Africa, the Mideast and South Asia are all being pulled apart, right along those same fault lines.

And measured by the rhetoric of Philadelphia and Cleveland, so are we.

One presidential candidate or the other will obviously slug out a win in November.  But the question will be at what cost?  Will either candidate be able to pull us together to meet the challenges ahead?  I hope so, but like Buchanan, I tend to doubt it.


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