“I Am Your Salvation”

Draw the spear and javelin
against my pursuers!
Say to my soul,
“I am your salvation!”

(Psalm 35:3 ESV)

I read this verse this morning and I’ve been thinking about it on and off today.

The first half of it sounds a bit unusual.  “Draw the spear and javelin against my pursuers!”  That doesn’t sound very Christian-like does it?  We’re supposed to be loving our neighbors as ourselves, so how does this possibly fit in with that?

So as I’ve thought about this today, I’ve come to two conclusions about the verse.

First, I think this is being written by a person — David — who is literally being pursued.  For much of David’s life he was in conflict with those who were either directly against the nation of Israel (God’s chosen people), or with those who were against honoring God.  In this situation — a situation where David is on the righteous side of things in a spiritual war — it seems appropriate for David to call for help from God.  If David is doing what pleases God, then those opposed to him are opposed to God.

My second thought is that for me, many times the “things” pursuing me are internal.  For those things, I do need to call on the Lord and to ask Him to take His spear and javelin up against those things.

But regardless of which of those things we face — no matter whether the enemies are external or internal — our perspective needs to be fixed upon the reminder that God alone is our salvation.

Amen and amen.


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