6-Month Blogging Update

Well, here we sit on July 5, 2016 and the blogging streak has made it to six months and a few days.  While the streak has built, I will say that the last three months have been tougher than the first three months because life has gotten tougher and busier.  During this last stretch of 90 days there’s also been a day or two when it took a late night typing session to keep the streak alive.

For the most part, though, posting has become a habit and has caused me to sort of develop a little bit of disciple.  (If you call sitting down at a computer to type discipline.)  However, the “sitting down to type some deep thoughts” part really hasn’t happened yet.  That could either be because there are no really deep thoughts inside me, or because there hasn’t been time for such.

During the next stretch of my hopefully year long streak, I hope to…continue the streak.  That’s my number one goal.  I want to continue to post something every day.  I also hope to benefit some from the Bible study series that we’re working through.  It’s tough to put those together and do them justice, but I do enjoy writing them.  And who knows?  As we move through the summer and toward football season, there may even be a post or two about my beloved Crimson Tide.

Anyways, thanks for reading.



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