Saturday Music: Love in the First Degree

Today’s music, Love in the First Degree, comes from the supergroup Alabama.

You may not know it, but these boys, mostly from Fort Payne, Alabama amassed over 40 number one hits and sold over 75 million albums.  Folks, think about that.  Over 40 number one songs.

Most of the group’s success came in the 1980s, but the core of the band has been together since 1969.  Along the way, as best we can tell, they managed their success without going through a string of wives and a string of rehab centers.  That may be more amazing than over 40 number one hits.

I first heard about the band around 1979 or 1980.  One of my mother’s brothers, who lived in north Alabama, came down to visit and gave a hardy endorsement for a band that was making the circuit, but had not quite hit the big time yet.  He was sure that they would, though, and he definitely was on the mark with that pick.

This song, Love in the First Degree, comes from the album “Feels So Right.”  At one time, I owed the cassette version of this classic.  I never owned any others (that I recall) until acquiring a double CD set of their number one hits, “For the Record,” sometime after its release in 1998.

To be candid, I grew tired of Alabama’s music for most of the 1980s.  As a teenager, the songs sounded “all the same” and nothing quite hit the mark like their stuff on the 1982 classic album, “Mountain Music.”  But as time passed and my musical tastes season a bit, it was hard to ignore their impressive body of work.

“Saturday Music” is a weekly blog series about the music of our lives.  Click here to read all of the posts in this series.


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