Good News: No Limits Ahead

Obviously, it’s historic news for our country when one of the major political parties nominates a woman as their candidate.  I’m not a fan of her (nor am I a fan of her rival in this fall’s election), but inasmuch as she persevered, won the battle of attrition, etc., etc., well, hey, congratulations to her.

She also, apparently, delivered some good news to all of us last night in her I-won-the-nomination-speech:

“This campaign is about making sure there are no ceilings, no limits on any of us,” Clinton said during an emotional rally in Brooklyn, eight years to the day after she ended her first failed White House run. As she took the stage to raucous cheers, she paused to relish the moment, flinging her arms wide and beaming broadly.

I mean, really, who likes limits?  Who wants limits?  It’s time to shuck the limits and I think she can make it happen.

Gone will be limits on the terms elected officials can serve in office, gone will be the limits on political contributions, gone will be the limits on the amount of pizza I can eat in a day, gone will be the speed limits — especially in those pesky school zones, gone will be the limits on how we drill for oil or dig coal out of the ground and gone will be the greenhouse gasses (or whatever it is that, according to the experts, spoils Mother Earth).  The list of things that are limited could go on for days!  This is change we can really believe in!

Obviously, I kid.  Not quite so obvious, at least to about half of the nation’s voters, is that she’s kidding too.  Whether you like her or not doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change reality.  She’s not about — and the socialist she just vanquished in the Democrat race isn’t either — about removing limits.  Obviously, it’s just the opposite.



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