Sunday Worship: Proverbs 27:17

[17] Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17 ESV)

I became a Christian in 1996 and during the period of time following my conversion, this verse became very important to me. 

The picture painted in this verse is easy to see: the best way to sharpen a piece of iron is to rub it against another piece of iron. In order to sharpen something extremely tough and rigid, it needs to be pressed or scraped against something equally strong. 

Likewise, for men in particular, and mankind in general, we are “sharpened” by this kind of interaction with others. But the type of interaction described here isn’t the kind we get by passing in the church halls or by seeing one another in a store. No, the benefit of sharpening comes with relationships that are on a deeper level. The kind where we are challenged, specifically taught, or where we are held accountable. 

In my 20+ years as a Christian, these types of relationships have not been constantly present. They have come and gone through the years as time passed and seasons changed. There have been times when I knew these relationships were present and there have been times when I longed for and needed them. And there have been a couple times when I’ve had the opportunity to help sharpen others. 

Isn’t it a huge blessing that God provides this economy for being sharpened, yet doesn’t require us to be “sharp” in order to be saved? He provides relationships at certain times and in certain places in order to help us because He loves us. So today, let’s praise Him for this and thank Him for the people that have come through our lives in order to sharpen us. 

“Sunday Worship” is a weekly series that can hopefully be used to help prepare our hearts to worship God Almighty.  You can read all of the posts in this series by clicking here.


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