Friday Picture: Regions Tradition


Look who is in the neighborhood this week: John Daly and a bunch of his buddies.  They are in town for the Regions Tradition golf tournament.

It’s been fascinating to watch the tournament come together.  The golf course and neighborhood have been sprucing up for the last couple of years (with a major push in the last couple of weeks) and there has been an amazing amount of infrastructure installed around the course to set up for tournament and the television broadcast.

Sweet Wife and I are just watching and waiting to see what happens next.  It should be interesting to see how the thousands of spectators will fill the neighborhood and how we’ll be able to come and go.

We don’t care much for golf and mostly don’t understand why the millions of dollars are invested in something like this, but I’ve tried to convince Sweet Wife that events like this bring communities together and help to enhance our civic pride and spirit.  Now I just need to convince myself of that.

“Friday Picture” is a weekly blog series about life…one picture at a time.  You can read all of the posts in the series by clicking here.


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