Tuesday Technology: YouTube

You may have heard of this web site called YouTube.  Around since 2005, this site hosts jillions of videos and is famous for sucking people in and wasting their time.  But did you know that this most popular of web sites could also help you get back some of that time?

That’s right, instead of watching cat videos, you can also use YouTube as your technology consultant.  If you have a problem, need to know how to do something or just want to do something better, there’s a great chance an instructional video related to your issue is just sitting there in cyberspace waiting for you to watch it.

Want to know how to format rows and columns in Excel?  Boom.  Done.

Want to know how to backup and restore a QuickBooks company file?  Zap.  Finished.

Want to know how to set up a free WordPress blog?  Yep.  It’s there.

When we have a problem, especially one technology-related, we tend to freak out,  spin around and act like we don’t know which way to turn.  But really we do.  It’s right there in our browser.  Head on over to YouTube and figure out how to solve your problem.



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