Friday Picture: Marathon Memories

It’s been a year now since my last marathon, the Country Music Marathon in Nashville.  And the fellow pictured here was right there with me in Corral #1.

As the one year anniversary has rolled around, the race has been on my mind a lot.  One huge reason is that I’m no where near being in shape to run a long-distance.  That’s partly by design — after last year’s race I had no desire to ever run another — and party due to circumstances.  My life seems a lot busier this year and I had some minor toe surgery in March that I will use as an excuse for at least another year.

The race last year was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  As I mentioned above, I started the race in Corral #1.  Yep, that’s right.  Corral #1.  For me, athletically-speaking, that’s the equivalent of starting on the front row of the Daytona 500 or playing in the Super Bowl.  For a race with a field of about 30,000 runners.  Being in the first corral was a huge deal.  (I didn’t say I deserved to be in Corral #1, but since I was there, I enjoyed its benefits.)

Shortly into the race, I experienced an excruciating injury and then managed to gut out the last 25 miles or so.  The injury was almost as damaging psychologically as it was physically and to gut it out and finish the race was a big deal to me personally.

After the race, I actually wrote in detail about it and saved the story somewhere, but I didn’t post it here on the blog.  Maybe I’ll  do that this year.

Sweet Wife just came into the room and asked me if I was sad or happy thinking about not racing any more.  I’m definitely not happy about it.  It’s sad to think that something like that — you’re best shot — is in your review mirror.  That’s sad.  Definitely sad.



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