The Power of Disturbance

I try to seek out the calm, cool place in life, but ironically, it’s in the calm, cool places that life passes us by with no opportunity for change.

In my calm, cool place, I am the king.  I am in charge and in my kingdom I allow no stress or strain or calamity.  But in my calm, cool place, where I am my own king, I miss out on fellowship with the one true King.

You see, it’s in the disturbance where we have an opportunity to demonstrate our faith in this one true King.  When everything is turning upside down and when we have nothing physical to hold on to, then it’s when we are reminded that the one true King holds us.

Sweet Wife holds a much better perspective of this than I do, for she surely demonstrates it better than I.  She is able to love and be patient and forgive in ways that are totally unnatural to me.  But she would be the first to say that her love and patience and forgiveness comes through her via the one true King.  And in exhibiting these things, she surely gives me hope and points me to the One who can provide those things.

Even in the destructive power of disturbance, we are pointed to our Hope.


Update:  I wrote the above last night, somewhere around 8:30 p.m., knowing full well that it was true, but also with the glimmer of fear that I might actually get the opportunity again to demonstrate what I believe.  Well, a few hours later, Sweet Wife and I, as we lay sound asleep, were awakened by one of our kids in crisis.  Our child, in her freshmen year of college, off in another state, was in the midst of a crisis.  Let me tell you, I didn’t very calmly to being jostled in my calm, cool place.  In fact, my first response was fear and that fear manifested itself in anger.  Yes, I felt like Peter hearing the cock crow, because as I lashed out in fear and anger, I could hear the tell tale heartbeat of the words I had typed several hours earlier.  And I thought more than once about dashing to the computer and erasing the post!

But it is true.  Our one true King is on His throne.  He is in control.  And through disturbances, our worlds will be rocked.  But as our worlds are rocked, hopefully, all of the temporary is shaken away and what matters is left.  When all is shaken away, we can rest assured that God still reigns and still has us in the palm of His hand.

Amen and amen.


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