Tech Tuesday: Solid Joys

I really enjoy reading and listening to the preaching of John Piper. In fact, I’ve tried to incorporate the ready of his daily devotional into my morning routine. Below is a passage I recently read on one of these mornings:

Where is the person whose heart is so passionately in love with the promised glory of heaven that he feels like an exile and a sojourner on the earth? Where is the person who has so tasted the beauty of the age to come that the diamonds of the world look like marbles, and the entertainment of the world is empty, and the moral causes of the world are too small because they have no view to eternity? Where is this person?

He is not in bondage to the Internet or eating or sleeping or drinking or partying or fishing or sailing or putzing around. He is a free man in a foreign land. And his one question is this: How can I maximize my enjoyment of God for all eternity while I am an exile on this earth? And his answer is always the same: by doing the labors of love.

John Piper, “The Fruit of Hope: Love”

So how does this fit into Tech Tuesday? Well, because I would describe Piper’s “Solid Joys” daily devotional app as the best I have used. And it’s good for two reasons:

1) First, Piper does a wonderful job handling the word of God and of breaking these messages into a really good size for each day’s message. If the message was no good, it wouldn’t matter at all how great the tech piece of the app was

2) Second, the tech side of the app is good enough. On the iPhone / iPad version of the app (not sure about Android), daily reminders can be set to remind the user that a new message is available. There’s also a way to “star” messages to save them as your favorites, a search feature and a Scriptural index of the messages.

The one negative I see is that you can’t synchronize your “starred” messages across iOS devices. However, that’s not a huge deal when the content of the devotionals is so wonderful.


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