Tech Tuesday: Snagit

This is the first installment of “Tech Tuesday,” so I thought I would start with one of the coolest tech tools I’ve used in quite a while:  Techsmith’s Snagit.

What is Snagit you ask?  Well, as their web site says,

Much more than just a print screen tool. Snagit gives you the complete tool for quick screen capture and screen recording on Windows and Mac. Combining traditional screenshots, videos, image editing, and file sharing. Snagit’s All-in-One Capture® makes it fast and easy to visually explain anything on your screen.

As the last sentence says, the software “makes it fast and easy to visually explain anything on your screen” and at work, I find this capability increasingly necessary.   Generally speaking, many folks are either too busy to thoroughly read whatever is being communicated, or they lack reading comprehension skills, so pictures come in very handy.  Here are some typical uses:

  • If I’m writing anything instructional, I will typically include screenshots (with arrows, highlights, bells and whistles, etc.) to highlight key steps.
  • If I’m sending an email asking a question about a report, I’ll capture the part of the report in question and highlight the appropriate area.  This saves the recipient time when trying to answer my question.  They can simply look at the picture and reply.
  • When sending data from a spreadsheet, often I will just screen capture the relevant part of the spreadsheet, include in an email and forward along as necessary.

There’s also another reason I uses the software:  it’s fun.

I’m in my office most of the day.  Usually when I get an email or telephone call, it means either someone needs something or there’s just trouble.  Rarely does pure ole good news show up.  So when I get to use Snagit, it’s like it’s like taking a recess and going out to the monkey bars.  It”s like the teacher called off the spelling test in third grade and passed out paper for free draw time.  It’s fun.

This baby prices out at $49.99, but this is some of the best money you’ll spend if you regularly have to communicate with folks in writing.


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