Blog Update

So far, the plan to post something every day in 2016 continues right along. And as the year has progressed, we’ve seen the following schedule emerge:

  • Sunday Worship – a brief Bible devotion to help prepare for a time of worship;
  • Monday Colossians – a weekly Bible study post from the book of Colossians;
  • Wednesday Project – a weekly update on a home improvement project;
  • Thursday Hebrews – a weekly Bible study post from the book of Hebrews;
  • Friday Picture – a brief post about a photograph; and
  • Saturday Music – a weekly post about a song I like.

As you can tell, there’s a theme for every day except Tuesday, which has turned into “free day” – a day to write on any subject.

Going forward, I am hoping to keep the same schedule with possibly one or two changes. I am contemplating a new “Technology Tuesday” series, with subject matter that should be fairly obvious, and I’m thinking about moving “free day” to Wednesday. In fact, I guess this could be considered the first of that kind.

Anyway, thanks for reading and we’ll see how this goes.


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