Wednesday Project: The Sink

The next step in our half-bath renovation was to finish up the sink.  And to be specific, “finishing up the sink,” involved several things that weren’t necessarily fun and they weren’t necessarily easy.  However, as you can see from the picture below, things did happen.IMG_0252This may be easier to follow in a step-by-step fashion:

  1. First the old sink and pedestal were taken out so that we could remove the wallpaper and paint.  After they were removed, though, we decided to replace the old off-white sink and pedestal with new white versions.
  2. When the painting was finished, it was time to install the new stuff.  However, I soon found out the copper tubing coming up through the floor would have to be moved to accommodate the new pedestal.
  3. So I went below, cut the tubing, pulled it through the floor, and drilled new holes.
  4. Re-connecting the copper tubing was a problem, but I’ll describe that problem below.
  5. I waited a week or so as I thought about how to re-connect the copper tubing, and then finally went ahead and installed new antique brass faucet and drain into the new sink.
  6. I then replaced all of the PVC pipe connecting the sink to the plumbing in the wall and then connected new half-inch flexible leads to the sink and then connected the leads to the copper tubing sticking up through the floor.
  7. At this point, I made several more trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot to stare at the copper fittings and talk to the store employees to determine what to do.
  8. After a while, I finally called a plumbing contractor friend to come fix the problem.  He didn’t really want to come over for such a small job, so he described the parts I would need to buy to finish the job.
  9. I bought those parts – two compression couplings for 3/8″ inch flexible copper tubing – and took them home and installed them.  But they didn’t work.  And by “didn’t work,” I mean that they leaked. Both of them.  Hot and cold.
  10. So I turned the water to the sink off again and took some more time to think.
  11. After thinking on things a few more days, I returned to the store and bought two more fittings.  And some plumber’s tape.  Then I returned home, and after a few more days, I tried again.  And again it didn’t work.  And by didn’t work, I mean that the fittings leaked.  Both of them.  Hot and cold.
  12. So I turned the water off again and took some more time to think.
  13. Then I decided to call another plumber to come fix the leaks.  The plumber came out and fixed everything in about 15 minutes.  I gave him a check for $125 and left.
  14. A day or so later, I realized he had left a good-sized roll of copper tubing.  I called and left him a message telling him what he left and that he was welcome to come by and pick it up.  He never called back.  So I guess I have a new roll of copper tubing.

So, the sink is installed and the plumbing is connected and everything works great.


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