Toe Update 

Today makes the one week anniversary of my toe surgery. That’s not usually the kind of anniversary you celebrate, but I am excited to go back to the doctor today. Hopefully, I’ll get the stitches taken out and hopefully thereafter I’ll be able to shuck this sexy shoe I’ve been parading around all week. 

I’ve tried my best to not complain about the shoe. After all, this was a voluntary medical procedure that was likely caused by my own doing (running) and its serving a good purpose. But, I’ll admit, I was a little fuzzy on that purpose in the beginning. I figured it was for protection, but that’s not really it because if you think about it, it doesn’t give any protection. It’s simply a shoe sole with some cloth and Velcro. What on earth was I thinking? 

What it actually does is provide a comfortable shoe to wear. When you’ve had surgery on your foot, what you don’t want to do is stuff that foot into a regular shoe because that brings extreme pain  at frequent intervals. So you want to avoid that if possible. This weekend I did try to put on a shoe, but I could tell right away that was not a good idea. My toe has some gauze or something around it and the foot is wrapped with a bandage, so hopefully that will go away and I can perhaps wear some sort of comfy shoe while the toe finishes healing. 

Though I’ve tried my best not to complain, I will admit that I’m self-conscious about it. There are several places I’ve not gone this week because of my sexy ride. Like church and the gym. I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs when I’m around people because I’m afraid of getting stepped on, but I also don’t want to continually tell the story of why I’m wearing the “shoe.” That and I don’t want to look like a doofus. 

I’ll also admit that for years, my buddies and I have gotten a chuckle at those around us wearing these shoes. I’m not sure why, other than we are idiots. So wearing this baby has definitely changed my perspective and has given me more empathy toward those shuffling along in their medical devices. Let’s face it. Why should we make fun of someone with one of these shoes?  It’s not like they went to the store and picked this particular model out. And it’s not like they are wearing two of them. Then all teasing would for sure be justified.  


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