Toe Surgery and Voting

Today is a big day with two big things on the schedule.  First, today is primary day, so, Lord willing, I will head to the polls and cast my vote.  Second, late this morning, I’ll head over to the nearby surgical center for toe surgery to remove two bone spurs from one of my toes.

Ironically, both of these things have some similarities.  Both are voluntary activities, both will be somewhat painful and both are necessary.  (How’s that for some creative writing?)

Related to the primary, I think I’ve finally decided for whom to vote.  I’ll be voting in the Republican primary, but that’s as much as I’ll disclose at this point.  Well, I’ll also disclose that I’ll hold my nose as a mark my ballot.

The toe surgery is necessary because of my own doing.  Apparently the little creations that need to be removed are the result of a lot of running, and of course, that’s my own fault.  I’ve had, or noticed, the spurs for over a year now and apparently had them while running two marathons.  They are on one of my pinkie toes and manifested themselves as an apparent blister.  But the blister never got well and when I wear certain shoes, my toe absolutely howls.

The spurs were easily identified via an X-ray by my podiatrist.  First, he shaved some skin off of the toe and gave me the option of waiting on surgery until I absolutely couldn’t stand it anymore.  The pain went away for about a year, but re-surfaced around January and has gotten continually worse, so I decided to pull the trigger and have the spurs sawed off.

The worse part of this surgery, at least in my mind beforehand, is the “boot” that I’ll have to wear for several weeks. And if I’m wearing a boot, that will make it a little tough to run.  I can’t imagine wearing that boot for very long, but we’ll see I guess.  Pray for Sweet wife, I’m sure she’ll have a baby on her hands for a couple of days.


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