Missions Week

One of the things our family loves the most about the particular church we attend is something called “Missions Week.”

As the name suggests, this is a week focused on the Great Commandment, missions. During this week, our church hosts a conference featuring a visiting pastor and missionaries from all around the world. The pastor visiting will deliver messages all through the week reminding us of our opportunity to participate in this great work. He will speak to us during the Sunday morning and evening services, and he will also speak briefly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 

On Thursday night, Sunday School groups will host individual dinners to honor the missionaries and will also get to interact with and pray for the missionaries visiting them for the evening. 

The best part of the conference, though, is what follows the evening services. After the message from the preacher is delivered, the congregation will break up into smaller groups and have the opportunity to hear from various missionaries serving in other countries. It’s during these times when we are able to get an up close glimpse of some of the amazing work God is doing. For example, this past Sunday evening, we were able to hear of the ministry of a family serving in Kenya and hear of how the husband serves the Lord through his training as an eye doctor, and the wife serves through teaching local children about the Bible. We even saw amazing video of patients removing their bandages and seeing again after many years of being blind. 

On the following Sunday, we will have an opportunity to commit a portion of the resources God blesses us with to this great work. At our church, 100% of these funds go to support foreign missions and typically about $2 million is raised. It’s always a blessing to give to God’s work, but it feels especially good when you know 100% of the money is going right to work. 

There is no way to attend these meetings without being personally encouraged about how God is working. 


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