Wednesday Project: Painting

Last week, we spent some time talking about “preparing our walls.”  The idea behind this was to get our walls ready – in this half bath – to be painted.

No matter what you are painting that job will look no better than the quality of your wall surface under the paint.  If your walls are bumpy and pock marked under the paint, then the finished product will look bumpy and pock marked.  In our case, we made a valiant effort to prepare the walls, so we’re as ready as we’ll ever be to apply some paint.

Let’s take this step by step…

Oops – More Primer

I left off one final step in wall preparation last week, but it’s mostly all right because that step fits in nicely here.  What is that step?  After you’ve finished skim-coating your walls, you’ll need to apply one more coat of primer to the walls.  This will help “seal” the freshly applied and sanded sheetrock compound and will help your regular paint to be applied more efficiently (as in the paint won’t soak into the wall quite as much).

Tape the Edges

Some do and some don’t, but I do.  Tape the trim edges, that is.  I’ve done it both ways – and there are plusses and minuses to both, but I just do a better job with tape.  So I taped everything.


Once the edges are taped, I apply the paint.  I use a nine inch roller and pan to apply the paint and then use a brush to paint the edges.

Some folks are able to finish their wall with one coat, but in all my two plus decades of painting, I’ve never been able to make walls look good with just one coat.  So I use two and that works almost every time.

Once I’ve applied two coats to the walls, I remove the tape and then tape the edges of the painted wall so that I can paint the trim.  The same logic for taping applies here.  I usually apply two coats of paint to the trim as well.

After the trim is painted, the tape can be removed and…voila!  Below you can see the beautiful grayish color that contrasts nicely with the sharp trim.

A Toilet in a Gray Room


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