Sunday Worship: Psalm 121:1-2

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? 2 My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. – Psalm 121:1-2

Think about all of the times we call for help. We have a flat tire or we’re running low on money. We’re trying to reconcile the bank account or a medical emergency strikes. We’re lonely or can’t get time to ourselves. No matter who we are or where we are, every single person on the planet has someone they can cry out to for help. Every single person. Wherever they are. Think about that.

Who could this be that everyone can call? As verse two reminds us, “My help comes from the LORD.” And to emphasize just who we are calling, the psalmist notes, “who made heaven and earth.” How is that for a reminder about whom we call? We reach out to the maker of heaven and earth.

But everyone can call to Him? Yes, they can. As a follower of Christ, we have the promise of access to the Father through the Son. But if we don’t know God, our cry for help acknowledges the quickening of our heart He is bringing to us. God sent His Son not to condemn the world, but to make a way for the world to Him (John 3:17).


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