Thursday Hebrews: Picking up Hebrews Again

It has been a while since we last looked at Hebrews, almost a year and a half actually, but there’s no time like the present to pick it back up.

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Hebrews may be my favorite book in the Bible.  If it isn’t, it’s close.  Why is that, you ask?  There are several reasons.

First, there is the richness of seemingly every verse in this book.  It seems like every verse is worthy of a highlight and a Bible study lesson.  Verses such as “…the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…” (4:12) and “…faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (11:1) fill the book!  Over time, I began to recognize that so many verses that were special to me were in Hebrews and I wanted to study it more.

The second thing that tugs at me is the story being told in the book.  When you take a step back from the rich individual verses, you see something greater at work.  This book was originally written to a group of Jewish followers of Christ in a way that seems much like a sermon.  And like a good sermon in church today, this one pulls the reader into this weaving together of the Old and New Testaments.

Finally, when you take another step back from the book, back from the verses and back from the wonderful sermon, you see more clearly that this story being told (or sermon being given) is all about Jesus.  We don’t just have a treasure trove of verses and we don’t just have a good sermon.  What we have here is the full-blown supremacy of Jesus Christ on display.

This book was written to help a very religious type of people (i.e. Jews who were now trusting in Jesus Christ) understand the gospel of grace found in Jesus Christ.  The book of Hebrews is helpful in the same sort of way today.  Many of us go to church and attempt to follow rules and many others of us are “spiritual.”  We too need to hear this magnificent explanation of Jesus Christ.

So, very soon we’ll pick back up this study of the rich and deep book of Hebrews.  I am looking forward to it.



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