Running…In the Cold

My idea of running in the cold probably doesn’t mean what some folks consider running in the cold.

I live in the deep South, so how cold could it get, right?

Well, this week it’s getting fairly cold.  The next couple of days call for highs in the mid-40s and lows in the upper 20s.  That’s pretty stinkin’ cold for Alabama in November.

Historically, I have hated running any time the temp dipped below 50.  At that point, my hands get cold and I have to wear more clothing and it generally becomes much harder psychologically to hit the trail.

I’m getting better, though.

Last winter, as I prepped for the Country Music Marathon, I was determined to toughen myself up.  I dialed back the clothing and only covered up my legs if the temp was less than 45 degrees.  I even ran a few times without gloves when it was really cold.

I am so brave.

The truth is, though, running with temperatures in the 40s is one part of the equation for a perfect long-distance run.  I still need the gloves, but after a couple of miles the body heats up and things are perfect.

The cold still doesn’t motivate me to get outside like a spring or summer day does, but I’m learning that it can be a pretty good running buddy.


One thought on “Running…In the Cold”

  1. Great to meet you today! I have grown to love running in the cold for exactly the reason you just iterated – I get pretty warm pretty quickly and I love being that weirdo running in tights, a tank top and gloves 😉

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