Headed Back from Disney World

The family and I are making our way back to Birmingham today after a week at Disney World.

We travelled down to Orlando last Saturday, spent six days at the theme parks and started back today. Needless to say, we’re a tired bunch of folks heading back to Birmingham.

A week of vacation is always good and the close proximity of our family for a week always seems to add a special dynamic. We fight a lot and laugh a lot and usually make our way back home with a lot of great memories. That was the case this week as well.

After a week at Disney, I could write a detailed review of the whole operation, but shoot, I’m too tired for that. Instead, here are a few observations:

* There seemed to be a jillion people at the parks. I love you, people of the world, but I need some alone time.

* The food prices at the parks are outrageous. No, we didn’t use the meal plan and I’m sure that made a difference, but you take a beating if you eat at the parks. My family ate breakfast in our room, supper around town so that meant a lot of lunches inside the gates. Ouch.

* Speaking of food, push back from that table, America.

* You have to be special to work at Disney given all of the people you encounter.

* And speaking of the lots of people there, it’s amazing to me that everyone cooperates so well in the parks and on the transit system. Maybe that’s because people are generally in a good mood down there.

* Lots of rides were down for maintenance at times during our visit. I’m all for safe rides and all, so I’m good with repairs being made, but the down time was interesting to note.

All in all, it was a great week. We had not been in eight years so a visit was somewhat overdue and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


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