Thursday Tide Thoughts: Keeping Grant

I haven’t posted much about Alabama basketball in my blogging career.  Maybe that’s because there hasn’t been much to post about.  There certainly wasn’t this past season.

As the 2013-14 season came to a merciful end, many waited to see if Alabama athletics director Bill Battle would hit the eject button on Tide hoops coach Anthony Grant.

He didn’t.

On his own blog, Battle gave his opinion (pretty much the only one that matters) and announced that Grant would return:

When considering the overall health and direction of a program, all of the aforementioned factors need to be considered. Simply put, this is a program that is not adrift, and is not devoid of leadership and talent. I believe this is a program that has better days ahead.

The expectations of competing for championships and a high postseason finish remain. There is much that is right about our men’s basketball program at this time. Coach Grant has earned the chance to continue building this program into the winner that we all know it should be. He’s done it before. He can do it again.

That’s good news for Grant, of course.  Heavy duty ‘Bama basketball fans aren’t so sure.  Though Grant’s Tide teams had won 20 plus games three seasons in a row, the team slipped to a 13-19 record this past year.  In Grant’s six years, the Alabama basketball team has only advanced to the NCAA tournament once and lost in the first round during that visit.

Battle noted the “overall health and direction of the program,” and I’m sure he believes such.  But given the malaise over the program, it could have just as easily have said, “who really cares?”  Especially since the state of SEC is at an overall low ebb as well.




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