A Nice January

Today marks the last day of January 2014 and as you all know, January is a month with 31 days.  Today also makes the 31st straight day of posting on this blog.  Amazing coincidence, I know.

The truth is, yes, indeed, it was a goal of mine to post something on this blog every day.  And it is true that I waited until the first day of 2014 to begin.  I used to run another blog (I guess technically I still do), and I made it a practice to post some writing every day.  That was good and all, and I did fairly well with that for long stretches.  But the truth is, the main topic of the blog was college football and there were just some days when I didn’t feel like, or it wasn’t appropriate, to write a college football blog.  So, I expanded my horizons and moved on over here.

I’m interested in writing about Christianity, sports, technology and business, but I’ve obviously done very little except articles about Bible passages.  And that’s great by me.  I’m really enjoy that type of writing.  In the coming months, I’d like to expand the range of topics somewhat, but that’s probably stretching things a bit given my overall schedule.  I do, however, think it is important to post something everyday (even if it’s just a link to another blog or a video).  It’s important when blogging to have a routine.  For some, that may be once a week or so.  For others, it works better for our personalities to do something everyday.  Posting everyday is good for routine building, but it also helps to train and discipline my body and brain if it can attempt to write something everyday.  My mind is so scrambled and I’m so all-over-the-place multi-tasking that it helps to just sit down and write.   Ahhhh…..

Well, happy 31 days in a row to you.  Go out to your local coffee shop and get something to celebrate.


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