Christians Eating Grass: Say What?

This blog post from South African pastor Conrad Mbewe describes the unusual practice of some churches in his country – eating grass.  Mbewe writes:

Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabonni Centre Ministries has certainly brought himself into the limelight by these insane activities. He is telling his congregation that this is how to get closer to God. One of his members defended this action by saying, “Yes, we eat grass and we are proud of it because it demonstrates that, with God’s power, we can do anything.”

Other than LSU football coach Les Miles and Nebuchadnezzar, this is the first I’ve heard of folks eating grass straight from the ground.

Bizarre, right?  Well, why do people – Christian people – do this?  Mbewe rightly assesses:

I have no doubt that what we are seeing here in Africa is the fruit of a century of teaching that says although the Bible is inspired by God it is not sufficient as a tool for instructing believers. We need visions, dreams, prophecies, etc. Having started on that premise and thus unhinging ourselves from “Sola Scriptura”, the trajectory is now reaching alarming levels.

The result of this separation between the pastor and biblical exposition is that “the man of God” has taken on an authority that is independent of the voice of God in the Scriptures. He can tell you to do anything under the guise that God has spoken to him about it. Once he has the congregation eating from his hands like that he will soon have them eating grass outside.

That’s right, we do this because we don’t think God’s word is enough.

Sadly, though most of us don’t eat grass, this is a problem American Christians have as well.  We know or hear about God’s word, but we fail to obey.  We fail to live by faith.  Instead of faith, we try to do something, anything, by our own might.

We medicate ourselves, indulge ourselves, remove ourselves, intoxicate ourselves, sex ourselves – and whatever else we can think up instead of living by faith.  And, unfortunately, I tend to practice this as well.

Mbewe’s account is of a real story, but it sounds crazy to us, right?  Who would want to follow these Christians?  Well, let’s consider how we are living by faith here in America, too.


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